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Comprehensive one-stop support
for entering the Japanese market &
selling in Japan through influencers

  1. Want to expand into Japan,
    but don’t know where to start?
  2. Leverage influencers to
    increase brand awareness?
  3. Unsure of Japanese trends and
    effective marketing strategies?
  4. No Japanese representative
    in your company?
  5. Total support from
    planning to implementation?

PR development centered on
influencer marketing with
Total support

A one-stop shop for everything related to influencer marketing, from planning to casting to promotion. We offer flexible proposals to meet your objectives and budget, such as brand awareness and sales promotion.

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Social Media Ads & Management
  4. Effectiveness report & improvement proposals
  5. Performance-based affiliate advertising
  6. Recruitment & Sourcing
  7. Localization
  8. Market research & analysis



Support for major Social Medias

Influencer marketing can be implemented using YouTuber, Instagramer, Tiktoker and major Social media influencers that are popular in Japan. We will make proposals according to the characteristics of your brand and services.

01 Support for major Social Medias

Available on a pay-for-performance basis

We usually plan according to your budget and requirments, but if your objective is to sell, we can also implement full performance-based influencer marketing with no initial or monthly fees. The unit price of the pay-for-performance fee will be determined after consultation.

*Original website or landing page is required for pay-for-performance basis. In some cases, fixed costs may apply.

02 Available on a pay-for-performance basis

Purpose-built casting

Depending on your marketing objectives and budget, or a case of increasing awareness and or sales, it may be better to use several micro-influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers, or a mega-influencer with over 1 million followers for optimal results. We will provide the best planning based on your objectives, budget, and the characteristics of your product or service.

03 Purpose-built casting

Cross-media marketing

We aim to achieve better results by combining multiple marketing methods, such as event marketing using influencers, press releases, social media management and advertising.

04 Cross-media marketing is available

Total support

We offer a one-stop service for overall promotion planning, translation and localization of content, creative production of e-commerce sites, landing pages, PR video production, and implementation of promotions such as YouTube video ads and Instagram ads. Our approach to marketing is not only to take your request or part of the market but also to see the entire flow and market to make the best cost-efficient.

05 トータルサポート


Japanese and Korean marketers support

Our Japanese and South-korean staffs in Japan, are experts in their respective fields
and will provide comprehensive support for your company’s marketing needs.

  • adsquare marketing team




    Hong has extensive experience in digital marketing support and consulting for major companies in the official advertising support team of a Google vendor company. He is good at Social media advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, Korean search advertisements company NAVER, video and content marketing using YouTube. He also has marketing experience in various business fields such as entertainment and food industry. He speak Korean, English and Japanese fluently. He’s a poppin’ dancer who loves to travel and make Buchimgae, or Korean pancake.

  • adsquare marketing team



    Marketing Planner

    A former crew member of a luxury liner (cruise) that sails around the world and a former Navy cook. Song has extensive experience in digital marketing support and consulting, as a customer and advertising technical support for an official advertising support team of a Google vendor company. A former colleague of Hong. He is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese, and holds Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. He is also a barrister and a rescue diver. Song’s hobbies are salsa dancing, video games and making Korean food.

  • adsquare marketing team




    After working as a hotelier and in a trading company, Suah has been engaged in digital marketing operations. Her wide-ranging responsibilities include management of skincare brands, planning pop-ups, e-commerce media management, and import/export trading.

    Her hobby is playing in a band, where she is the vocalist. She has been living in Japan for 14 years. Almost Japanese.

  • adsquare marketing team



    CEO / Web Director

    Yokoi is in charge of website consulting and production. He has extensive knowledge and experience in design, front-end, back-end, marketing, web advertising and CRM. In addition to directing the entire project, business design, and promotion design, he also does UI/UX design production, lead/information design, and sales writing. An elementary school student with a twisted personality. he works like he plays.


We would like to propose how
we can help you as
your marketing partner.
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Case studies of influencer marketing and support for entering the Japanese market;

  • Skin care products A

    Skin care products A

    Collaboration with beauty influencers.
    Influencers introduced the products on their own blogs and social media, other influencers used live broadcast. The number of acquisitions in one live broadcast is over 1000, which has led to an increase in sales. It is possible to assign influencers according to the client’s needs, such as live distribution and posting on stories.

  • Skin care products B

    Skin care products B

    Through a fixed monthly cost contract with beauty influencers, they posted several times on their Social media accounts and blogs a month, contributing to increased sales.

  • Online clinic product A

    Online clinic product A

    We contributed to increased acquisition by engaging the top media in Japan’s SEO. In addition, we created a comparison article (ranking article) exclusive to our company, posted it on the listing, and achieved 600 to 1500 or more per month (a 200% increase compared to the previous year).

  • ゲームアプリ

    Gaming App

    Our gaming influencers posted images of themselves playing games on their Social media accounts. A 12,000 monthly acquisitions by encouraging installs through story posts and other means was achieved. We can also provided suggestions to target influencers for sales promotions in the non-game application domain.

FLOW Introducing the overall flow up to the start of the program

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Influencer Marketing

Can you disclose your list of influencers?
Disclosure is possible. We can make suggestions based on your budget and needs.
Can I make secondary use of the content?
Please let us know in advance if you are thinking of using it for the secondary use. Depending on the influencer, additional costs may be required.
We would like to conduct a campaign utilizing Social Media and influencers.
Can you make a proposal from the planning stage of the campaign?
Yes, it is possible.
We will propose a media and campaign plan that takes into account the characteristics of your product or service and the special offers available.
What is your fee structure?
Are there any initial fees?
The cost will vary depending on whether it is commission-based or affiliate (performance-based). In the case of commission-based marketing, the cost will rise or fall depending on the influencer, secondary use, and whether the post is a still image or a video.

The typical cost for influencer marketing is 2 yen to 5 yen per follower. In the case of affiliate marketing (performance-based), you will be asked to pay the number of contracts that have been signed x the performance-based unit price.

We will propose the unit price for the performance fee, and the unit price will be discussed in advance.
There is no initial fee for either type of service.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.。
How do you determine which influencers to promote?
We select media and influencers for influencer marketing based on the brand’s primary image and target audience, PR objectives, and budget. If you have a specific influencer in mind, please let us know.


Please feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to help you.


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